Installation with sound.
The bolts of fabric in the installation We Are The Manufacturers_Press Play and Indebt Yourself were derived from a previous work entitled “PRODUCTION! PRODUCTION! PRODUCTION! The Design of Debt“. In this installation Stylianidou reactivates in an artistic context, disused materials and working tools from a greek textile export company which operates at reduced capacity. The fabric conveys the materiality of the labour (time, bodily energy, affects, exhaustion) of the workers -mainly women- who have been working with these textiles. Additionally, the bolts of fabric are related to a transaction between the artist and the textile company. By means of that transaction, the artist creates a debt as a work of art. Stylianidou ponders with critical irony, the meaning and fabrication of artistic value: in the context of the specific work-in-progress, the debt is equated with the work of art itself: the debt is the artwork, its medium and its materiality – as it is continuously being transferred from the art institution to the artist, from the artist to the artwork and from the artwork to the viewer. That debt, impossible to be redeemed, is set into constant motion and transformation.

The materials of the installation (bolts of fabric, voice, text, working table, tires, straps) are organised in space on the basis of a strict but at the same time flexible musical score. The work proposes a process of expanded writing which incorporates and connects voice with rhythm, the flow of sound with materiality and with the text.

The work is accompanied by the sound piece entitled "All Signals Would Go Dead" (duration 11 min 28 sec) arranged by the artist. The title of the piece relates to an unprecedented incident when the Greek right wing government shut down the state tv and radio as part of as an austerity measure demanded by the country ́s international creditors. On Tuesday, June 11 the government said "all signals would go dead". At least 2.700 employers lost their jobs.