The work titled KNOTRPSELL_first_construction_by FOR AN ANONYMOUS FUGITIVE AUTHOR*, 2016 is a performative installation with a variety of artistic media such as a sculptural installation, a text woven into fabric, voice, sound and performance.

This performative installation belongs to the wider body of a work-in-progress. For that work, in 2013, Vassiliea Stylianidou exported 20 multicolored bolts of fabric from the family fabric business in Thessaloniki to Munich aiming to produce/generate – through the work – a debt that is simultaneously financial, familial and artistic. Through an artistic narrative that moves in-between truth and invention, Vassiliea Stylianidou ponders with critical irony, the meaning and the construction of artistic value: in the context of the specific work-in-progress, the debt is equated with the work of art itself: the debt is the artwork, its medium and its materiality – as it is continuously being transferred from the institutional organizer to the artist, from the artist to the artwork and hence to space and also to the viewer herself. That debt, impossible to repay, is set into constant motion, becoming transformed and hybrid.

Since 2013, following several different, successive and autonomous performative installations, the twelve bolts of fabric spread/transfer and transform the debt and the value of the artwork, as they engaged every time with the new thematic sequence of the respective work.

In this manner, different systems of thought and organization converse in the artwork, such as visual and poetic thinking with (made up) financial reality with the social structure of the patriarchal family, with the body (embodiment) and with sexuality.

For the exhibition Regarding Nicolas Calas, Vassiliea Stylianidou constructs a poetic text that explores the question of the mutual influence between language and the body and gender identity. Using as a departure point three phrases from N. Calas' poetry collection 16 French Poems,

"Nothing is yours and your gender scares you"

"You will not see me any more as I am, not even in words"

"Nothing can stop the news item"

The artist continues in her text the exploration of “what words make up the body”, by positing a series of questions and poetic positions on the constructive and performative potential of language in the possible reconstructions of the gendered body's identity.

Following an order by the artist, the text is woven using a weaving machine.

In this performative installation are involved the text, the weaving and seven strips cut off from the twenty bolts – that have come from the artistic narrative which conjoins financial and familial debt as well as the body as a gendered system of identities.

The word KNOTRPSELL in the work's title is an invented word which the two performers do and undo for and with the viewers. In this manner, critical exploration is instigated of one or two of the many possibilities of construction and reconstruction of gender through language, following and paraphrasing what Judith Butler describes in her book Undoing Gender: «One is always “doing” with or for another, even if the other is only imaginary. What I call my “own” gender appears perhaps at times as something that I author or, indeed, own. But the terms that make up one´s own gender are, from the start, outside oneself, beyond oneself in a sociality that has no single author (and that radically contests the notion of authorship itself).»

Performers: Leonie Philine Bitto, FOR AN ANONYMOUS FUGITIVE AUTHOR*
Sound processing: Niklas Meier
Mixing / Sound editing: Niklas Meier, Vassiliea Stylianidou
Mastering: Lorenz Erdmann
Text: Vassiliea Stylianidou (with quotation of poems written by Nicolas Calas).
Weaving of text into fabric: Knitting Factory George C. Papageorgiou, Athens.
Performative sound synchronisation: Veronica Bionika Malagon
Video and foto documentation: Kyriakos Tsiftsopoulos, Marigo Angelidou
Translation: Konstantine Matsoukas

Since 2014 Vassiliea Stylianidou is working οn the process of constructing FOR AN ANONYMOUS FUGITIVE AUTHOR*.
This author who is not one.
Gender: fugitive. Genre: fugitive trope.
1. a machinic artistic medium in transition, 
2. an assemblage of singularities,
3. a migrating dispositive of names, bodies, knowledge, lack of knowledge, organs, instruments, private and public histories and places … and the gaps, differences, misunderstandings between them (...)