“Hello! My name is Β_ _ o _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _d _ y _ _ and I am here to abduct the f_ _ _ut_ _ u_ _ _ _ _ _ re_ _ _”

“Hello! My name is Β_ _ o _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _d _ y _ _ and I am here to abduct the f_ _ _ut_ _ u_ _ _ _ _ _ re_ _ _”

A work-in-progress by Vassiliea Stylianidou, 2017
Multichannel sound installation with one text-animation on monitor.

The project with the title “Hello! My name is Β_ _ o _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _d _ y _ _ and I am here to abduct the f_ _ _ut_ _ u_ _ _ _ _ _ re_ _ _” is a polyphonic -both real and fictitious- discussion between five persons and one Cyborg-Narrator.
It poses as its starting point the question of the relation between the body, gender, language and the future. More specifically, it explores the political dimension of trans* / inter* / non binary / gender-questioning / de-gendered subjectivities/bodies and their relation to language.
Language becomes not just the means of communication but the body itself. How is this possible?
Is a gender transition possible only through language?
The discussion begins with following assumptions and inquiries.
We cannot speak about the future without first speaking about gender.
And we cannot speak about gender without modifying the language in which we speak and feel and understand and love one another.
The future -if something like this exists- passes necessarily through the de-/re- construction of language.
The project explores a somatic language which embraces the noises of the body. How is this possible?
The project proposes to design of a new language of the future for/with the trans* / inter* / non-binary / gender-questioning / de-gendered bodies. For the body that wants to construct / form a new identity. Or even a language for the erasure of identity.

Sound design / Multi Channel Mix / Mastering: Lorenz Erdmann
Sound editing: Lorenz Erdmann, Vassiliea Stylianidou aka Franck-Lee Alli-Tis
Choir arrangement: nanavongestern
Vocals / Narration: Nana, Jamie Diker, Ria Klug, Franck-Lee Alli-Tis, FOR AN ANONYMOUS FUGITIVE AUTHOR*.
Production assistant: Frank Wismar
Performative rehearsals /sound recording at Studio Merrrz*bau@STUDIOvisits
Texts contributed by: Lann Hornscheidt, Ria Klug, Tucké Royale, Jayrôme C. Robinet, Franck-Lee Alli-Tis, FOR AN ANONYMOUS FUGITIVE AUTHOR.
Translation: Konstantine Matsoukas, SN.
Additional language editing: SN.

Special thanks to TRIQ, TransInterQueer e.V. Berlin, Joep Hegger.

Commissioned by Onassis Cultural Center, Athens in the occasion of the exhibition "Tomorrows. Urban Fictions for Possible Futures". Curated by Daphne Dragona and Panos Dragonas. 

Since 2014 Vassiliea Stylianidou is working οn the process of constructing FOR AN ANONYMOUS FUGITIVE AUTHOR*.
This author* who is not one.
Gender: fugitive. Genre: fugitive trope.
1. a machinic artistic medium in transition,
2. an assemblage of singularities,
3. a migrating dispositive of names, bodies, knowledge, lack of knowledge, organs, instruments, private and public histories and places … and the gaps, differences, misunderstandings between them (...)

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