The work titled “FA®THER_ERRATIC PATTERNS. By FOR AN ANONYMOUS FUGITIVE AUTHOR*"„ unfolds through five different artistic media: (poetic) text, sculptural installation, performance, video and music. These media interrelate, both spatially and conceptually, in order to produce a performative video installation.
This performative installation„ explores the concepts of return and of language as a linguistic and bodily topological process of recurring patterns. The work creates with humor and a critical edge a narrative involving 20 bolts of fabric, a clothing export company, a family, a debt, 500 Art Bonds, texts, voice, rhythm, two performers and the audience. Materials: 20 bolts of fabric, text woven into fabric, video, music.

Performers: Polyxeni Angelidou (dancer, choreographer), FOR AN ANONYMOUS FUGITIVE AUTHOR*.
Music: Vassiliea Stylianidou, Lorenz Erdmann
Sound editing, music arrangement assistant and mastering: Lorenz Erdmann
Design and execution of performative uniform: Vassiliea and Despina Stylianidou
Weaving of text into fabric using a knitting machine: Eftichios Agathonikos
Translation: Konstantin Matsoukas.

Since 2014, via a nexus of interconnecting works, Vassiliea Stylianidou evolves and constructs the persona FOR AN ANONYMOUS FUGITIVE AUTHOR*.
The author who is not one. Gender: fugitive, genre: fugitive, trope: fugitive change. FOR AN ANONYMOUS FUGITIVE AUTHOR* is
1. a machinic artistic medium in transition
2. an assemblage of singularities
3. a migrating dispositive of names, bodies, knowledge, lack of knowledge, organs, instruments, private and public histories and places and the gaps, differences, misunderstandings between them (...).

The work was part of the project "NICE! An exhibition and a book" A poetic exploration about the possibility of return, of memory, homeland and loss.
Duration: 16.3.16- 4.4.2016. Curated and edited by: Yiannis Grigoriadis and Yiannis Isidorou (Salon de Vortex)
Production: Lo and Behold, Athens.
Venue: Municipality of Nikaia Cultural Centre "Manos Loizos", Nikaia, Athens.
Full online version of the publication: https://issuu.com/salondevortex/docs/nice_online/1?e=0