HDV, colour, 5.1 surround sound
Duration: 7 min 39 sec

The video work with the title “I AM A 19th CENTURY FACTORY CHIMNEY STACK” is the first part of a body of work-in-progress titled "Let´s start with the letter S, shhh,_As in politics”, that is being developed through a variety of media and formats such video, poetic text and performative installation. In the video “I AM A 19th CENTURY FACTORY CHIMNEY STACK” Vassiliea Stylianidou investigates the interrelation between architecture, body, politics, labour and time. The work sets also questions about the contradictions and connections between artistic labour and life.

The video is based on a poetical text written by the artist. In Stylianidou´s work, language pierces and subverts its everyday use in an attempt to suggest new paradigms for knowledge and experience.
In the video work “I AM A 19th CENTURY FACTORY CHIMNEY STACK” the artist also explores the interconnections between language and the voice.

In the text of the video work there are three short quotations always in quotation marks by following authors:
_Harun Farocki (from his Film "Arbeiter verlassen die Fabrik") , 
_Gilles Deleuze and. Félix Guattari (from "Kafka. Toward a Minor Literature) 
_Simon Critchley (from his lecture at ICI Berlin in 2012)

Text/Sound/Camera: Vassiliea Stylianidou
Sound Editing: Lorenz Erdmann, Vassiliea Stylianidou
Performers: M. Manthey
Ping Pong Players: M. Manthey, T. Kim
Translation: Konstantin Matsoukas

Video excerpt here